Oil & gas project developments in Sakhalin and the Far East of Russia: innovations, efficiency, co-operation

27 - 29 September 2017

“Stolitsa” Business Centre


Endorsements from the Russian Government, the Government of Sakhalin Region, and the Russian State Duma Energy Committee

Dear Friends,

I would like to welcome you to the international “Sakhalin Oil & Gas” conference, which for the 19th time has brought together specialists and directors from the largest global companies involved in the exploration and production of natural resources in the Far East.

The Sakhalin shelf is well-known as Russia’s wealthiest region in terms of oil and natural gas
reserves. Several large-scale projects are already underway there with foreign partners involved under the terms of production-sharing agreements. The south of Sakhalin Island is home to the only liquefied natural gas plant in Russia, which produces approximately 5% of global LNG volumes. As a result, our country has joined the elite club of LNG exporters and the region has become attractive for investors.

Your well-established meetings provide a chance to discuss operating results from the past year and plan new opportunities for collaboration. This year’s conference will have a special focus on increasing efficiency and reducing costs, implementing innovative technologies, environmental and industrial safety, and on working under sanctions. This particular topic will be covered in a separate expert discussion, with leading analysts and professionals setting out long-term options for import substitution and local production.

I am sure that concrete proposals will be formulated at the conference for further developing the sector, for strengthening international cooperation in the oil and gas industry and, of course, for reinforcing Russia’s role in Asia-Pacific energy markets.

I wish you every success with the conference.

Dmitry Medvedev
Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

I would like to welcome the organisers and delegates of the 19th international conference “Sakhalin Oil and Gas”.

Effective development of oil & gas fields in the Russian Far East is one of the key areas of Russia’s energy strategy and the most important condition for accelerating the socio-economic development of the region as a whole.

I am sure that, during the conference discourse, professional discussions will be held on the future development of the industry and that new, much-needed initiatives will be proposed.

I wish the delegates of this annual international conference every success in their work.

S.E. Naryshkin
Chairman of the State Duma

On behalf of the Government of Sakhalin Region and from myself personally, I am delighted to welcome the organisers, participants and guests of the 19th annual conference SAKHALIN OIL & GAS 2015.
Over the years this conference has become a serious and high-profile platform for international dialogue. Each year a wide spectrum of issues is discussed, from the latest technological developments, to aspects of legislation and environmental safety.
Sakhalin Region is one of Russia’s oldest oil-producing regions, and much is being done here to maximise the potential of its resources. A prosperous oil & gas industry is crucial for Sakhalin’s economy and is an important stabilising factor in the region. Today Russia’s energy sector is faced with a host of important issues and tasks, many of which you will be able to discuss at this conference. They include the government’s strategy and plans for developing the oil & gas industry in Russia’s Far East, attracting investments into the oil & gas sector, the development of infrastructure, innovations, and the tax framework, as well as questions around field development and LNG production.
I wish the organisers and all participants’ successful work at the conference, useful new business contacts, and pleasant impressions of your visit to Sakhalin Island. Wishing you success and good luck!

Oleg Kozhemyako
Governor of Sakhalin Region

Dear Colleagues,

I wish to congratulate Adam Smith Conferences on its successful conclusion of the 19th International“SAKHALIN OIL  GAS” conference, which, as usual, was very informative, superbly organisedand attended by high-level delegates.

Each year your event, hosted with the support of the Government of Sakhalin Region, highlights
the most current events in the oil & gas calendar of the Russian Far East, including operators’
plans, opportunities for Russian and international contractors and suppliers, and new technological
solutions for use in offshore oil & gas projects.

It is encouraging that the conference agenda always accurately reflects the most important and
current topics for discussion, which can be debated at a high professional level due to the line-up
of speakers invited.

The conference is an excellent platform to establish new business contacts and share experience.
In particular, the international nature of the event is guaranteed by the broad range of contacts built
up by Adam Smith Conferences and its long-standing experience in conference production.
I am sure that the annual “SAKHALIN OIL & GAS” Conference, as a platform for effective and constructive dialogue, will help develop oil & gas production in Russia’s Far East and attract investors
to the region.

I wish the conference organisers every success with their preparation for the 20th Anniversary
Conference in 2016!

P. N. Zavalniy
Chairman of the Energy Committee, Russian State Duma
President of the Russian Gas Society.